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Cultuurhuis Heerlen en Via Zuid presenteren

The Beauty of The Beast

do 24 jun / 20.00 uur / €0
Cultuurhuis Heerlen en Via Zuid presenteren
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One upon...Right now! I am Graduating from Toneelacademie Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts. ‘The Beauty of the Beast’ is my final graduation work, and I would love for you to see it!

With The Beauty of The Beast I try to shine a new light on a subject that has enslaved us all, at one point or another. I opt for a new interpretation of the concept: ‘Monster’! A corporeal plea to justify all human feelings. How to drop your weapons when they’re made of flesh and blood?

'This is my fist
The union of the five closed fingers of my hand.
Communicating In a language that is understood all over the world.
We all understand the message of the fist.
Knowing by feeling huh'

tap tap tap
is this thing on?'

I’m born with claws.
It is not my fault.
Cuz heaven is empty and earth is cold'

Many thanks to
David Weber Krebs, Boris de Klerk, Ies Kaczmarek, Cor Langerak, Sara Schoon, Max Gruson, Romy & Gable Roelofsen, Peter Missotten, Anna Luka da Silva, Manuel Groothuysen and Sybren van der Velde.

This project was realized with the support of VIA ZUID, talent development performing arts Limburg, Het geluid Maastricht, Cultura Nova, Cultuurhuis Heerlen and Toneelacademie Maastricht, institute of performative arts.